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Leonardo Rivera

Director of Entrepreneurship Programs
Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana

Leonardo Rivera, young entrepreneur and founder of “A Wake Up Reason”, a foundation that Works with more than 126 families with very low incomes in Honduras to live with more than $750 a month when previously they survived with a dollar a day. Thanks to this initiative, he went on to win the IYF award “Yo Emprendo” in 2012. Currently, he is the Director of the Entrepreneurship programs at UNITEC, where he developed with the help of another IYF winner and another colleague, the first HUB or startup incubator. After receiving his master’s degree in Business, he created the first social entrepreneurship organization called “Actúa Por Honduras”, which is recognized by the Presidency of Honduras. Leonardo was inspired by his personal life: as a homeless who met his mom when he turned 8 and lived practically in the streets, he understood the different needs of people like him. Leonardo´s compromise to help others understand that through effort they can achieve anything as well as he did is what motivates him as a social entrepreneur.