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Marat Djanbaev

Senior Technical Specialist on Entrepreneurship
International Youth Foundation

Marat Djanbaev is the Senior Technical Specialist on Entrepreneurship at field office of IYF in Kyrgyzstan. Recently, he finished his PhD studies at Charles University in Prague on Public and Social Policy. He also has a Master degree in International Law from International University of Kyrgyzstan and Bachelor degree in Political Science from Kyrgyz State National University. His total progressive work experience consists of 11 years at such internationally recognized organizations as International Youth Foundation, Soros Foundation (Opens Society Institutes), projects of CIPE (Center for International Private Enterprise, affiliate of U.S. Chamber of Commerce Washington D.C) on developing business – associations in Kyrgyzstan and Peace Corps.  He has more than seven years work experience in managing and coordinating grant projects with Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan (, Bishkek Business Club ( and National Alliance of Business Associations ( Marat used to be the first Executive director of Bishkek Business Club – one of the leading business – associations in Kyrgyzstan which is successfully dealing with youth initiatives in the framework of cooperation with IYF.